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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?


If your answer to this question is “men, women, between the ages 18 and 50” etc I have bad news. You cannot define your customers by generic data, such as age and gender anymore, or you will run out of customers. Most companies have an intelligence center that is often disregarded and still not used as such. It has precious information for assessing what is being done and what can be improved.

Do you have a clue of what it is? The contact center!

It is indeed the most important place at your company that is able to put together such precise data about your customers.

  • Controls, manages, and stores precious information on the behavior, desires, and motivations of your customer
  • Stores information on the successes and failures of the processes that define the customer experience
  • Contact point with your customer, whether it is for pre-sales, post-sales, or problem solving.

 With this information, you can create specific customer profiles that group your customers. Then, tailor content, messages, services, and others to meet the specific needs and concerns of each profile.

 How can you build the customer profile?

Knowing customer demographics is a drop of water in the big pool of customer service. You must be able to identify the tastes, preferences, and needs of the people you do business with, in other words, have in place a customer profile that includes the following aspects:

  • Demographics –age, gender...
  • Psychographics –personality type, preferences ...
  • Behavior –likes and dislikes, hobbies...

Why should you profile your customers?

Because the more you know about your customers the easier it is to find opportunities to push your services or products.

Grouping individual customers into the right market segment enables you to offer more personalized experiences and messages to your customers. For example, if you sell consumer electronics, you can proactively offer a specific brand of tablets to people who have been looking for them online.

Profiling already existing customers also enables you to find new customers. Use the successful strategies already in place with your customers to acquire new ones in the same way.

 It is the contact center that can maintain a constant and fluid communication with your customer, proactively, to promote togetherness. Take advantage of this department, adapting the technology to get important data for decision making and for creating a customer experience that is attractive and relevant for your specific customers.


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