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Good Bye Cold Calling, Hello Proactive Calling

facebook&linkedin-02.pngWhich of us doesn’t have a pet hate for those annoying people that call us at the most inappropriate times, such as the middle of dinner, to sell us something that we couldn´t care less about?

Let me tell you that situations like that are in the past and telemarketing, if used right, can be an efficient and powerful tool to boost small and medium sized businesses. Telemarketing campaigns are an assertive way of driving your sales forward and engaging with your customers. Use telemarketing not only to generate interest and create opportunities and leads, but also more proactively, such as providing information or gathering customer feedback.

Telemarketing campaigns allow you to:

  • Offer your prospects/customers the best service. You can deliver products and services proactively, answer customer questions directly, and so on. Ask your customers what it is that you can do for them. Customer insight empowers you with market intelligence.
  • Be flexible. Get valuable feedback from online inquiries and use it to make changes to the strategy.
  • Build brand awareness. Reach a big number of potential customers in a relatively short time frame, even if they are not receptive this time. If they listen long enough to the message, they will be able to recognize your brand in the future.
  • Interact with prospects/customers directly and in real-time. It´s proven: people buy from people. Having a real person to talk to creates more empathy than a screen and the message gets across properly.
  • Improve business results such as finding new customers, and following up with existing ones. Bring products and services directly to the target market and speak to them, instead of sending emails or other messages back and forth.
  • Reduce costs as the telephone is still the cheaper method to initiate contacts if compared with magazine/website advertising.
  • Measure results to keep track of performance. You can act on the information you have to define new business strategies and make plans for the future.

All businesses can use telemarketing to expand, create new opportunities, find new customers and cross/upsell to existing customers while improving customer relationship. It is the perfect fit to all kinds of businesses from repair stores to fitness, health care, or retail.

Download our eBook to find out how you can empower your business with a telemarketing campaign.

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