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Miguel Lourenço

I'm Miguel, and I've been at Altitude since 2006, starting in the Implementation Services team, moving afterwards to technical documentation. Nowadays, I´m responsible for managing the Altitude user manuals and training content in addition to delivering training To keep my (in)sanity, I'm into alternative therapies, I'm a level 2 Reiki practitioner, passionate about tennis and modern board games.

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Customer Training: From Manuals Design To Final Delivery – A Personal View

12/10/18 10:50 Miguel Lourenço

From my earlier days in Altitude Implementation Services, I learned from experience that working at a contact center is no easy task.

If you’re an agent, you’re “stuck” with what you have to say, when to say it, and ensure that you give customers the best possible experience during the interaction. If you’re a team leader or a supervisor, you have to ensure that agents are complying with the contact center performance metrics, help agents with their requests, or even just assist them with the task of logging them in or out from the agent application. I also found that system administrators have a more technical view of the contact center and know how to automate boring and repetitive tasks, like loading contacts into a campaign, etc. “Tech stuff”.

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