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Célia Cerdeira

Célia has been part of product marketing team at Altitude for the past 5 years. Her focus area is the improvement of the customer journey and the adoption of customer centric measures for companies to engage with their clients. You can reach Célia at celia.cerdeira@altitude.com

Célia fait partie de l’équipe Marketing Produit chez Altitude depuis maintenant 5 ans. Son domaine d’expertise est l’amélioration du parcours client et l’adoption de stratégies centrées sur la satisfaction client par les entreprises pour pouvoir les fidéliser.

Recent Posts

IA e chatbots: uma ilusão, o demónio ou uma revolução?

01/07/19 18:17 Célia Cerdeira

“Silicon Valey e as redes sociais são os maiores criminosos!” Esta é a minha tradução dp título de um artigo de opinião que li recentemente no El País. Estou ligada à indústria de contact centres e  serviço ao cliente há alguns anos e tenho tenho conhecimento, em primeira mão, sobre os benefícios da IA para facilitar a vida das pessoas, logo não posso estar mais em desacordo com Markus Gabriel. 

5 Reasons To Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud

14/03/19 12:44 Célia Cerdeira

You try hard to make your business successful, and you know that a business only thrives if it has happy employees and happy customers. You’ve also resisted all this new hype about the cloud. Why would you change? You are meeting your goals, both operational and business wise, the information about your customers is safe and under control in your servers, you´re happy with your profits so why would you change how you´ve been running the contact center up until now? I have some bad news: either you make the decision, or you´re at a very high risk of getting way behind your competitors and offering your customers a very dubious experience.

The 3 Benefits of a Contact Center for the Healthcare Sector

17/01/19 15:55 Célia Cerdeira

While the holiday blues is still dominating our mood and we have just finished putting away the Xmas decorations, we are starting to be swamped with news of a flu outbreak, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, after all it is January! Oh, the joys of winter!

It´s The Most Wonderful - And Busiest - Time Of The Year

21/11/18 11:37 Célia Cerdeira

How to ace customer journey to – and from- Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When I think of Black Friday it comes to my mind the hordes waiting in lines for Macy´s doors to open, or people fighting over to see who gets the last coat on the rack; only to get home and realize that it doesn´t fit or that the color is not as nice as it seemed during the fight with the other 3 people that also wanted it. Anything wrong with this picture? This used to be true, yes, but back in the 90´s; that is, a last century memory! Nowadays the scenario is very different from this one because brick-and-mortar retail shopping is quickly giving way to the digital shopping. The pains that come with it, however have not changed much. Ok let me rephrase that. They have changed immensely in the sense that last century´s problems are still pretty much an issue and online shopping is just adding up to that.

A Contact Center: Will It Improve My Business?

24/09/18 18:21 Célia Cerdeira

Businesses can only be successful if they have happy customers. I dare say that you have thought a few times at least, about how your business would benefit from a customer engagement solution. However, you´re still questioning whether a contact center is really what you need to improve your relationship with your customers? Let me tell you that Altitude is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and that we have, over the years, helped all types of business, regardless of size or industry, to give their customers the best experience!

See how Logic, a logistics company, uses the Altitude Xperience solution to engage with its customers.

Altitude: Contact center technology at the service of the people

03/08/18 11:44 Célia Cerdeira

Altitude is celebrating its 25th anniversary! For the past 25 years we´ve imagined, brought to life, installed and implemented solutions, first for call centers, then for contact centers, and now working on the new wave.

Together with our customers we´ve been able to accumulate knowledge and expertise that we use to keep improving and innovating. And how do I know this you wonder? I know it because I´ve been here for 19 of these 25 years! I do dare to say that the key to our success is due to the people who work here and the commitment they have with the other people: both the agents that use our software and the customers that interact with the contact center. It´s not rocket science, nor big news to anyone in the contact center business that there is an increasing focus on replacing human agents with “machines”. However, I strongly believe that machines won´t be able to feel something very human: empathy, at least not in the near future. Yes, I´m well aware of the technological advances, Big Data, AI, and an ever growing list of great technologies, but here at Altitude, we have people´s well being into account in everything we do.

Are your customers in love with your company?

21/06/18 17:47 Célia Cerdeira

Customer engagement is all about the emotional and psychological attachment of customers to a brand, company, or product. 

According to a study made by Gallup Customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in term of share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth compared with the average customer.” 

Xmas is coming: is your contact center ready?

11/12/17 18:32 Célia Cerdeira

 Unlike the idyllic, festive, and calm scenario that the idea of Xmas brings into the mind of all of us, for the most part of businesses it is quite the opposite. According to Statista, the holiday season accounts for 20% of the retail Industry´s annual sales, and can account for as much as 30% of an individual retailer´s total sales. Things do get hectic.

Good Bye Cold Calling, Hello Proactive Calling

13/11/17 11:43 Célia Cerdeira

Which of us doesn’t have a pet hate for those annoying people that call us at the most inappropriate times, such as the middle of dinner, to sell us something that we couldn´t care less about?

How can I help you?

13/10/17 18:29 Célia Cerdeira

Are your contact center agents still greeting your customers with this line?

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