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Altitude: Contact center technology at the service of the people

Group of business people using electronic devices at workAltitude is celebrating its 25th anniversary! For the past 25 years we´ve imagined, brought to life, installed and implemented solutions, first for call centers, then for contact centers, and now working on the new wave.

Together with our customers we´ve been able to accumulate knowledge and expertise that we use to keep improving and innovating. And how do I know this you wonder? I know it because I´ve been here for 19 of these 25 years! I do dare to say that the key to our success is due to the people who work here and the commitment they have with the other people: both the agents that use our software and the customers that interact with the contact center. It´s not rocket science, nor big news to anyone in the contact center business that there is an increasing focus on replacing human agents with “machines”. However, I strongly believe that machines won´t be able to feel something very human: empathy, at least not in the near future. Yes, I´m well aware of the technological advances, Big Data, AI, and an ever growing list of great technologies, but here at Altitude, we have people´s well being into account in everything we do.

It´s our company´s culture that is instilled in us and we all thrive in the quest to reach that goal. For example, in a recent interview to Relacion Cliente Magazine Carlos Seriola, for Altitude Professional Services states that “Technology is essential because it simplifies work so that agents can concentrate on making a memorable interaction for the customer”. Jaime Colom, also from Professional Services adds that our agent desktop “facilitates to the agent all customer information, in a single place, and shows the right information at the right time”.  Another example is Ricardo Santos, our AI guru from R&D! In addition to his work on AI field, he builds bots, and documents the process, as a hobby. Check out his latest article.

We simply crossed out the word impossible from our vocabulary and just get out there and do it; whether we are talking about personal or professional challenges. Don´t you believe me? Check out this really nice article by Sonia Comajuan, our Chief Customer Care Officer. By making use of power of perseverance and persistence, we eat the big elephants one piece at a time.

People are still the most important part of this puzzle. Our corporate philosophy is that we do what it takes to empowering agents and wowing customers, one interaction at a time. From call center to contact center making the shift to customer engagement center: bring it on, we´re ready for you!

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