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What we brought to our customers in 2017 (and a sneak peek of what’s to come!)

Hey, it seems that it was just yesterday that we were ladling out “Happy New Year” and today Q1 is already over! Time flies, huh? So, we thought: great time to look back at 2017 and further ahead into 2018 and share with you some of the great achievements that we brought to our customers, partners, and the industry last year.

Focus on innovation

As a tech company, Altitude is always in the innovation mode and actively working with the newest and emerging technologies to leverage the benefits for our customers and partners. That’s why we founded our Americas Innovations Lab which has been using mobility technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop solutions and products in areas such as customer service and debt collection.

Artificial intelligence and automation was a strong focus for us in 2017 and today bots, chatbots and RPA are all part of our offering. Francisco Virgilio, Head of Altitude Innovation Lab, talks very proudly about it:

One of the greatest products that we’ve created is without a doubt, the Chatbots completely integrated with our core system. This solution will allow us to launch a new generation of smart cybernetic agents that will be escorted by human agents. Altitude smart agents in an Intelligent Human Virtual Blending framework. The real integration of humans and machines results in a powerful combination, capable of interacting on any communication channel, providing a smooth transition across them, targeting an outstanding customer experience. No more silos, no more erratic and dispersed bots. Cross-channel, omni intelligence, the future is now the present!

The new Smart Agent generation is also a "polybot", which means the capability of communication with third-party bots, allowing partners to develop business-oriented bots. We are anticipating and living a very exciting and promising future for our customers and partners.

Francisco Virgílio (Pre-Sales Manager)


As our CEO, Alfredo Redondo likes to emphasize: “You’ll never walk alone: be part of your ecosystem”. And we understand that as much as we want to exploit our own resources and develop cool stuff on our own, we will be able to provide much more value to our customers if we partner with other cool stuff builders. That’s why in 2017 we launched joint offerings with companies like WDG and Afiniti.

With WDG we offer our customers a highly effective and adaptable automation of any repetitive back-office or on-line process, which dramatically increases productivity and minimizes errors.

With Afiniti, Altitude optimizes in real-time the pairing of individual contact center agents with individual customers based on behavioral data to ensure the best experience for both. Instead of automatically assigning customers to agents in time order or based on skills, we go beyond, and we are now able to predict which is the best agent to provide the best service and improve the quality of interactions.

Focus on customer experience and excellence

My strong belief is that all the innovation has no meaning if it’s not based on the rule “go for it and go all the extra miles you need if it’s improving your customer’s experience”. Focused on customer needs, Altitude´s new Service Strategy Manager was designed specifically for BPOs and enables them to load contact lists in less than 10 seconds. With this new unique solution customers can easily manage business strategies deployments online ripping the benefits of extreme flexibility in running, monitoring and managing to perfection customer interactions’ strategies.

Altitude's mission is to empower all organizations to build great customer experiences and when designing our solutions, we always think about customer agents or other professionals who interact with customers. blogpost2

In the current pace of businesses, where changes happen in the blink of an eye, and campaign strategies must be adapted to the dynamics of the business requirements, companies cannot afford to keep a team of developers to implement those changes. That´s why we worked closely with our customers to simplify the design and edition of routing scripts. A simple and friendly GUI enables non-technical people, such as supervisors, to create or modify the campaign routing on the fly, enabling them to improve the customer experience.

With the same idea of keeping up with the fast pace of business needs and different requirements for each kind of business, we made changes to our reporting database to allow our customers, on top of the already powerful Management Portal monitoring and reporting capabilities, one additional standard friendly way of access the information most relevant for them. We make reporting data available in a raw format and allow each customer to generate it in the format and using the content of their choice.

I am also proud to announce that Padrão Group Center for Intelligence has chosen Altitude Predictive Dialer as the best product in the category Customer Service Excellence, and in less than two months we will receive the Prêmio Consumidor Moderno Award, brazilian “Oscar” for customer service.

Focus on employees: professional growth

Technologies come and get replaced by new ones, same happens with features and software and even value-adding services. What stays is the professionalism of the people that work with us – at Altitude, at customers, at partners.

This is the reason why we are equally proud of such AI achievements as well as implementing agile methodology in a team dedicated to working with one of our biggest customers. And it gives fantastic results both in terms of business and in terms of employee satisfaction and motivation. Of course, our customer is happy too!blogpost3

This year Altitude is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and we will tell you more about it shortly, but for now I would like you to pause for a second and think about one interesting fact: back in 1920 the average lifetime of a S&P 500’ company was about 67 years; today it is just 15. With this in mind, Altitude’s 25 is quite a respectful age for a tech company. However, it’s not the age that matters, it’s all the knowledge and expertise we have gained in these 25 years. And we are happy to share this expertise and knowledge with our partners and customers to contribute to the professional growth of their employees. In 2017, Altitude launched the following programs:

Altitude Certified Professional Program. Technology is just a tool, the real impact comes from how the tools are used to improve employee motivation, customer service, sales, services, etc. Altitude´s solutions help you to empower your staff with professional training and certification which recognizes and validates their expertise and skills.

Altitude University Knowledge Hub. This is the space where you can find all information regarding available courses, how to sign up, participate in e-learning courses, perform certification exams, and so on. We have more than 1700 registered users and if you are not yet part of this community, what are you waiting for?

So, these are just some of the many great products and solutions we added to our offering in 2017.

If you prefer to listen about them from our customers, here’s what they say.

But we are well into 2018 and are tirelessly working on many new and cool things to make the lives of our customers and partners even easier! Want a sneak peek? (Hey, don’t tell anyone, I am disclosing some under-the-table secrets here!)

Focus on the future

Some of the exciting new things we are committed to bring to our customers and partners are improved voice bots, speech analytics and next generation vBox.

According to a recent survey, more than a third of organizations have no framework or procedures in place to identify and classify risk to different individuals; an equal number of organizations are still working on developing such a framework. Approximately 60% of survey respondents are in the dark about the sensitive and confidential content they hold within their data and how it’s used or treated. 

Survey data shows that respondents still rely heavily on manual methods for building and maintaining inventories of their data processing. For example, 60% of organizations do not have any procedures in place to identify and tag data.

 Source: “Organizational Readiness for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),” by AvePoint and CIPL

Focused on the customer experience and committed to relentlessly working on its improvement, Altitude is adding mobile applications to customer support. It´s simply logical to give everyone an option to have everything they might need in their smartphone, whether it is a dedicated app or features embedded in the apps they already have – banking, insurance, shopping or anything else.

Going forward with convenience and customer trends, we are about to offer WebRTC to enable rich, real-time interactivity to engage with customers on the fly and with no limits.

Altitude always have been and continues helping organizations to build great experiences based on their customers journey. There will be advancements in this field – in 2018 and in following years, non-stop – and new products and services will be added to the portfolio.

While these sound great and we are sure that you´re curious to see them in action, the new GDPR regulation is probably much more paramount and, for many businesses, still frightening. But Altitude has your back covered! We are strongly committed to create value for our customers while abiding to the GDPR compliance program. You’ll be receiving a dedicated kit with full information about our GDPR program within the following weeks. Not subscribed to our newsletter? Subscribe now and the GDPR kit will go directly to your inbox.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated about all the new great stuff!


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