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Our Most Popular Blog Posts in 2017

Mostpoular.jpg Our experience as a vendor in the customer experience journey global market in the last 25 years is a source of insights and lessons on how organizations can excel in managing the entire customer experience and reap enormous rewards.

Our Blog seeks to share with a wider audience our knowledge and points of view in issues critical to businesses around the challenges of customer experience, contact center operations, customer interaction management, etc.

During 2017 we have published over 50 blog posts in four languages on all sorts of issues in customer experience. These are the top three for our readers in each language:

In English:

What are customer service leaders doing with chatbots?

Are you GDPR Ready? 10 Questions You Should Be Asking

Five Ways Behavioral Pairing Improves Contact Center Performance


In Spanish:

¿Qué métricas deben tener en cuenta los Contact Centers?

¿Cómo optimizar la productividad en una campaña de televenta?

Cómo ser una organización “Early Adopter” en medio de la Transformación Digital


In Portuguese:

Bots e Humanos: Unidos Venceremos!

Bots: a Revolução no Contact Center

Estão as empresas preparadas para a mudança comportamental dos clientes?


In French:

Les Principales Tendances des Centres de Contact en France

Comment le Big Data peut-il améliorer l'Expérience Client ?

Comment fournir à vos clients un service de qualité et une communication fluide et homogène?


Get the latest thinking on what it takes to win the hearts and minds of customers. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. and French.

Happy Reading in 2018!

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