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Contact Center Infrastructure Entering a New and Dynamic Evolutionary Phase


Gartner has just published the “Hype Cycle for Contact Center Infrastructure, 2016”. This influential report has been helping companies match contact center investment planning with operational and business goals throughout the years.

In this year’s edition, Gartner states “Although contact center infrastructure (CCI) is a mature market, it is entering a new and dynamic evolutionary phase. Older premises-based telephony-only "call centers" or multichannel "contact centers" based on siloed communication channels are being replaced. Newer systems are often cloud-based and support, or can be evolved to support, persistent seamless contextual transition between engagement channels.

Further, these solutions are evolving from the traditional on-premises deployment model (see "Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide") to cloud-based models (see "Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, North America" and "Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, Western Europe").

"Hype Cycle for Contact Center Infrastructure, 2016" reflects a market that is established, yet evolving. While few technologies profiled in this document are transformational, the majority rate high or moderate impact, with none rating low.

Nearly 70% of technology profiles will be mainstream within the next five years.

Nearly 73% of technology profiles are in the Trough of Disillusionment phase or further along the Hype Cycle curve.”


Altitude has been identified as a sample vendor in “Universal Queue Management” and “Private Cloud Communications”. These are key categories for omnichannel customer engagement strategies. More and more companies are getting a competitive advantage from using cloud communications and universal queuing technology, within our solutions, to support voice and nonvoice channels, manage business rules and customer segmentation, integrate contact data and get better reporting.

On Universal Queue Management, Gartner says that “companies should evaluate opportunities to use universal queuing to leverage consistent routing and prioritization rules across all contact types and for supporting omnichannel customer interactions”. Gartner also considers that “consolidated and unified support of multichannel interactions enables better integration of contact routing with business channels, better use of resources and clearer reporting”.

In the report, Gartner states that “Private cloud communications have similar attributes to public cloud communications, thus enabling organizations to implement and manage communications with greater agility, faster implementation, greater resilience and more effective use of capital with the utility model. We expect that the utility model will enable users to try new communications services and identify benefits as part of a business case for wider deployment”.

You can learn more from Gartner about technologies that have transformational or high-benefit ratings and are expected to be mature technologies within the next five years. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Contact Center Infrastructure 2016 report can be downloaded here.

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