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Some Key Figures on Omnichannel Consumer Behaviours and Expectations

20/09/16 18:49 Marketing Team

Customers today are multi-skilled, multi-tooled and very well connected mouthpieces for brands. Getting their customer experience right is far more complex today with the explosive use of mobile and social media in all parts of the world.

Do You Want to Get Promoted or to Get Punished? Meet the Omnichannel Customer.

19/08/16 15:27 Marketing Team

A major consequence of instant, on-the-move connectivity, is rocketing consumer expectations. If a customer is able to contact a supplier anytime, anyplace, in a matter of seconds, they come to expect the same back. If companies do not fully embrace all customer touchpoints and demands in today’s ultra-close knit world they are inviting significant reputational damage to their brand. But getting the customer experience right will reward a brand with earned marketing reach and increased customer acquisition.

Have you heard about Pokémon Go? I bet you have!

02/08/16 16:35 Marketing Team

Whether you are catching Pokémon in your free time or not, I bet you have heard about it.

It´s really hard not to, as it has been one of the hot topics over the last few weeks. The Financial Times (“How Pokémon Go will make you spend more”) has been writing about it, so has The Economist (“I mug you, Pikachu!”). GQ (“Pokémon Go: a gentleman's guide to playing Nintendo's Pokémon Go”) and Cosmopolitan (“Pokémon Go Now More Popular Than Tinder”) are covering it and believe it or not there is even a guide on National Geographic about best places to visit to catch the most Pokémon!

You Will Never Walk Alone – Managing The Customer Journey in 2016

21/04/16 09:24 Marketing Team

“You will never walk alone” is the world- famous motto of Liverpool FC and also the main promise, in fact, the main value proposition, that we, at Altitude, bring to our customers. So, what’s the relation with the key trends for customer journey management in 2016?.

Get Ready to Deliver Customer Service through Social Media in the Contact Center

19/04/16 16:58 Marketing Team

Customer service organizations, normally implemented within a contact center, have always been focused on achieving and developing a 360-degree view of the customer, and on providing a consistent experience across interaction channels – be it voice, web, chat or email.

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