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Célia Cerdeira

Célia has been part of product marketing team at Altitude for the past 5 years. Her focus area is the improvement of the customer journey and the adoption of customer centric measures for companies to engage with their clients. You can reach Célia at celia.cerdeira@altitude.com

Célia fait partie de l’équipe Marketing Produit chez Altitude depuis maintenant 5 ans. Son domaine d’expertise est l’amélioration du parcours client et l’adoption de stratégies centrées sur la satisfaction client par les entreprises pour pouvoir les fidéliser.

Recent Posts

Should Your Contact Center Agents Have All the Answers?

17/07/17 11:40 Célia Cerdeira

According to an American Express survey, 99% of consumers surveyed say that getting a satisfactory answer or being connected to someone knowledgeable (98%) are the most important prerequisites to a great customer experience.

How To Start a Contact Center in 5 Steps!

29/06/17 17:23 Célia Cerdeira

After analyzing your business, you have identified that a contact center is the answer to your purposes and objectives. But do you know what to do next? Where to start?

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

22/02/17 12:23 Célia Cerdeira

If your answer to this question is “men, women, between the ages 18 and 50” etc I have bad news. You cannot define your customers by generic data, such as age and gender anymore, or you will run out of customers. Most companies have an intelligence center that is often disregarded and still not used as such. It has precious information for assessing what is being done and what can be improved.

Preview, Power, Predictive Dialing, How to Tell Them Apart?

26/01/17 13:12 Célia Cerdeira

We strive to help our customers achieve maximum business profit while at the same time providing their own customers with the most excellent service. I´m going to take this opportunity to give you a little insight on how to use each dialing mode to achieve that objective.

Customer Service: How to LISTEN to what your customers are really saying?

26/10/16 13:09 Célia Cerdeira

Perceiving the quality of your customer service, communicating it effectively to all players, and learning how to improve it is a real challenge, especially now that buzz words such as customer journey and customer experience are stronger than ever.

5 Benefits of Hiring Home Agents for your Cloud Contact Center

14/10/16 14:48 Célia Cerdeira

American Express teleworkers handled 26% more calls and produced 43% more business than their office-based counterparts”, concluded a study made by Forbes.

Home agents is not a new concept, but still a very relevant one, due to the rising numbers in cloud contact center deployments.  Companies operate on a global world and need agents across the several regions and with different skills to be able to achieve customer retention and loyalty regardless of the agent´s location.

Three Principles to Design the Customer Experience Using Big Data

01/09/16 17:12 Célia Cerdeira


“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

Mass marketing days are gone! Your customers now expect highly personalized, individual attention when they contact your company. Companies can benefit from the Big Data available for each customer to be able to increase the personalization from one interaction to the next. Nowadays you can Use Big Data for a continuous, incremental enhancement of the customer journey to improve the outcome of the customer experience.

Keep reading to find the 3 key principles that you cannot miss.

Automation is the future of contact centers, but human still rocks!

29/06/16 16:45 Célia Cerdeira

What would you define as the top priorities for the success of your contact center business?

If customer centricity and customer experience are not on top of that list, there´s little or no chance of you being able to successfully engage with your customers.

Can You Take a Wild Guess of Which is the Most Successful Smart City in the World?

07/06/16 09:52 Célia Cerdeira

Disneyland is the correct answer in case you got that wrong!

Even though it´s kind of hard to believe, it is a real city, and a very big one. Disneyland is the world´s most multicultural city, both in terms of habitants and visitors. They have it all, from mice to ducks, not forgetting the lions and humans.

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