How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

22/02/17 12:23 Célia Cerdeira

If your answer to this question is “men, women, between the ages 18 and 50” etc I have bad news. You cannot define your customers by generic data, such as age and gender anymore, or you will run out of customers. Most companies have an intelligence center that is often disregarded and still not used as such. It has precious information for assessing what is being done and what can be improved.

Preview, Power, Predictive Dialing, How to Tell Them Apart?

26/01/17 13:12 Célia Cerdeira

We strive to help our customers achieve maximum business profit while at the same time providing their own customers with the most excellent service. I´m going to take this opportunity to give you a little insight on how to use each dialing mode to achieve that objective.

Lean method: how small companies can grow thanks to their customers suggestions

04/01/17 12:11 Raquel Serradilla

Lean method has enabled small and medium companies to compete against big corporations.   This management model is more popular year by year, and is based on launching a product or service requested by the market, see how it works and apply changes suggested by the client to improve it. 

(Infographic) Benchmark Finds 37,700 Contact Centers Employing 3,85 Million People in 30 European Countries

09/12/16 14:49 David Romero

As a leading contact center solutions vendor born in Europe, Altitude has been a supporter and a sponsor of the International Customer Contact Benchmark since its first edition. It is an outstanding effort to gather data and provide an overview of the evolution of contact centers across Europe.

Web Summit 2016: Customer Experience, Community Engagement and Social Media all in one event

24/11/16 12:09 Nadia Paulo

Having one of the most important tech events happening in your city is something big. As soon as the news came out that the Web Summit was coming to Lisbon (more than a year before), and being a web, social media and content marketing enthusiast, I knew I could not miss it. So, I joined the Women in Tech movement and got a special ticket, a year before the event happened. 

(Video) The Rise of the Omnichannel Customer

11/11/16 12:40 Carlos Taveira

We live in a world of interconnectivity. We interact with our friends and family over several channels and devices and we expect to be able to the same when communicating with businesses.

Altitude takes Customers to a whole new “altitude”!

03/11/16 18:02 Miguel Noronha

The Altitude North America Summit, that took place recently, was a great experience, with top level management, at the iconic CN Tower in Toronto, Canada!

Customer Service: How to LISTEN to what your customers are really saying?

26/10/16 13:09 Célia Cerdeira

Perceiving the quality of your customer service, communicating it effectively to all players, and learning how to improve it is a real challenge, especially now that buzz words such as customer journey and customer experience are stronger than ever.

5 Benefits of Hiring Home Agents for your Cloud Contact Center

14/10/16 14:48 Célia Cerdeira

American Express teleworkers handled 26% more calls and produced 43% more business than their office-based counterparts”, concluded a study made by Forbes.

Home agents is not a new concept, but still a very relevant one, due to the rising numbers in cloud contact center deployments.  Companies operate on a global world and need agents across the several regions and with different skills to be able to achieve customer retention and loyalty regardless of the agent´s location.

“I sent you a message!” “Really? Where? Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail or Snapchat?”

07/10/16 15:34 Elīna Švēde

Calls over Skype and Whatsapp. Messages over Google Hangouts and Facebook. Posts and Tweets.

It really can get confusing sometimes, can´t it?

I know from my own experience that sometimes when I haven’t had time to reply to a message right away, I´m having a hard time finding on which platform I had received it. Was it a normal sms? A Facebook chat message? Something on Whatsapp? Or maybe it was Snapchat?